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King of the Wasteland

Is fangirling the shit out of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit because of Epic Mickey.  I haven't been this passionate about a character in a long time and he's a bitter, resentful, cartoon rabbit.  I almost cried at the end of this game because I was so happy Oswald and Ortensia got their happy ending.  Hell, the game was as much about Oswald pulling out of his depression and resentment of Mickey as it was Mickey's need to take some responsibility for his immature, reckless actions. 

Epic Mickey kind of failed in making Mickey an interesting character again, but I hope to hell there's an Epic Donald or an Epic Oswald being pitched somewhere in that monstrosity of a company.  I loved the depth and complexity of the game's story, but probably had at least twenty deaths caused by camera fail.  Unfortunately, a sequel that would fix the gameplay issues and/or expand the Epic Mickey Universe seems pretty unlikely because of frustrating corporate monkeyshines. 

On the bright side, it looks like Oswald has fans within Disney trying to make sure he isn't forgotten again.  Pictures of him are already showing up in the backgrounds of attractions and they aren't trying to modernize his look or rush his inclusion into things.  Maybe I'll actually have a fandom I can buy shit for and hasn't been dead for five years?      


It's time to support one of your dead and forgotten fandoms!  Disney has of yesterday released the first issue of an ongoing DARKWING DUCK comic book!

What are you waiting for?  Go buy it!  BUSHROOT COMMANDS YOU!

Just a "heads up" kind of post.

I haven't given up writing forever or stormed off the internet in some drama queen incident. 

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Capcom dreams of electric sheep!



Mega Man 10 is officially GO!

Unless this is some cruel joke by Capcom, it looks like another Mega Man game is coming out on the Wii. I'm quickly reaching new levels of delirious delight.

Proto Man is playable from the beginning (possibly co-op play?)
Bass is a downloadable character
There's a Robot Master named SHEEP MAN!
8-bit graphics (once was fine, but to pin the series on it?)
Downloadable for Wii (Portable would be much nicer!)

I'm excited, but I don't think Capcom can really revive the franchise on this. It doesn't look like they're really trying to "sell" Mega Man to a new generation of gamers, just churn out cheap NES style games for easy cash. I think a DS version with "Wily Wars" style graphics would still give a retro feel while looking sharper, but I think I may just want another hand-held Mega Man game.

In related news, Toad Man and Spring Man now have some stiff competition for "Most Pathetic Robot Master."

More from the land of Nod

Dreams are fun, right?

There were these people called Anlyts (I think) who could absorb or eat insanity.  If they ate your insanity, you were cured.  But for some reason one went crazy itself (ate too much?) and started inflicting insanity on everybody in the palace I lived/worked in. 

People were doing scary things like lighting themselves on fire and running around killing each other.  I was trying to escape because I wasn't going crazy for some reason. 

On the way out I ran into a bull, but he was a cartoon bull like Ferdinand so that's what I shall call him.  I was happy to see him because I'd been nice to him before the crazy started and hoped I could convince him to help me out of here. 

I gave him some jam to eat just to be sure he wouldn't gore me.  Ferdinand stood up on his hind legs to take it and clapped his hooves together in happiness after he finished it. YAY WE'RE FRIENDS NOW!

So I rode Ferdinand out of Crazy Castle and bid him goodbye with a hearty slap on the ass and my fondest wishes that he find some hot cows.  THE END!        

...I think my subconscious is bipolar since the first part of that dream was really freaky and then, YAY CARTOON COWS!

The stars have alligned!

PS3 = $300+tax

10% Employee Discount
10% Rewards Card
$25 Gift Card

PS3 ~= $218+tax

Can we say HELL YEAH everybody?  I just have to check my bank account tomorrow juust to make sure I can afford it.  :3

Completely unrelated, but I'd really like a Gyro Man icon.  He's become my favorite Robot Master for some reason.  Anachronistic hellicopter robot FTW!

Also unrelated, but more importantly, I think I'm going to try writing tomorrow.  Woot!


Guess who might have H1N1? 

EDIT: According to Mr. Cool Old Doctor at Urgent Care, I probably don't have swine flu.  I just have a plain, old, Upper Respiratory Infection.   WOOT! 

My burning desire

Not so much burning as itching.  I'm not sure I can properly articulate how much I WANT this.  I twitch whenever I think about it.  It's a pretty simple wish, but I lack the funds to make it come true right now.

I want to play the tuba again. 

I know it seems silly, but that was my instrument of choice way back in high school.  At first I chose it because it was the only instrument I could get a sound out of that wasn't taken.  Learning to play was pretty easy, but not having any "fun" music was a constant annoyance.  My sister was playing The Little Mermaid and Broadway music on her flute, while I was stuck with whatever dropped into my lap through band practice.  Then, in high school, my kind band director taught me to transpose music from treble clef to bass clef and then drop it another octave or two so it was in range for my Bb flat tuba.  I got a lot of my band credit transposing and performing my music during my lessons.  That and marching band gave me pride in my instrument.  I could carry a sousaphone on my back and march three miles while playing it.    

I never played in college because my schools basically told me the only use they had for band members was on the football field.  I wasn't a sports fan.  But now every time someone mentions band or playing an instrument I get all tingly.

EDIT: I told my sister.  Her response, "You'll never play it.  I still have my flute."  Thanks sis.